Butterfly farm in Stratford upon Avon

Enjoy the unique pleasure of watching hundreds of the world’s most spectacular and colourful butterflies flying all around. You can see them feeding and flying in a wonderful tropical environment.
See their amazing lifecycles in the Caterpillar Room. Observe the fascinating and strange in Insect City, where Stick Insects, Beetles, Leaf-cutting ants and many more remarkable creatures are to be found. For the bolder, get close to the deadly and dangerous in perfect safety in Arachnoland; home of the worlds largest spider, a scorpion colony and other spinners of webs and dealers of death. Afterwards take a look at the many gifts available in the Papillon Gift shop

For more information visit http://www.butterflyfarm.co.uk/attraction/index.php

For a free map of Stratford upon Avon click on free map link above

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