Gluten Free High Tea in Stratford upon Avon

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 9 September 2014 TripAdvisor

Bensons has an amazing gluten free High Tea. I am always grateful when places have GF menus and options, but often times it’s very minimal, or they just leave off the bread. At Bensons, GF patrons have a better option than the non GF option!

Mine came with what you’d want for High Tea: salmon and cucumber finger sandwiches, and a delicious caffeine free nettles tea. The scone was delicious, and the lemon cake/tart was even better than the non-GF sweet. This was the first time I had a GF rye bread also. Thank you Bensons for having such a wonderful option for your GF patrons. BTW, my partner had the regular option, and he was blown away by how good it was also.

We all left happy and fully satisfied. It’s just a walk away from Shakespeare’s birthplace which is a must see also.

bensons afternoon tea

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